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Fieldcraft #1:

Police surveillance operators tend to use hand signals when performing overt surveillance in convoys. These tend to be adaptations of standard signals already in use by civillians and police swat teams. Below are overt (meant for intimidation of low to moderate profile targets) surveillance signal meanings, then their descriptions.

Base Signal
This signal is how they say "Hey Guise, I'm ONEOFUS." It consists of one of the driver's hands draped over the steering wheel, wrist on the top with palm falling over the wheel and facing inward. Also, if weather permits, sometimes signalled as a hand just barely out of an open window, thumb tucked and four fingers indicating direction of convoy travel.
Self explanatory. Hand fully out window, thumb tucked, four fingers straight down. Palm faces the intended recipient of the signal.
End operations temporarily. Hand out window, palm flat facing down, then the hand is moved sinuously up and down three times.
Cover This Area
Used by surveillance teams in "Floating Box" operations to signal a dragnet in progress. Left hand is moved, palm flat, from the peak of the head down, then from the top of the head forward.
Target Is Making A Stop
Fingers closed with thumb out, thumb is placed to mouth.
Speed Up
Palm out of window, flat and facing forward, sweeping motion forward.
Slow Down
The exact opposite of Speed Up.
Hand out window, palm flat facing down, jerking motion downwards multiple times.
Follow Me
Arm extended up, palm flat and facing forward barely outside of window, fingertips touching top of windowframe.
Hand out window, extended into gun, then slowly turned upside down, pointing at suspect.
Wait For My Signal
Usually signalled by weapon hand, and usually kept inside vehicle on the center console. Hand positioned as if gripping an old timey revolver, about to cock. The ASL sign for X. This is a similarity with military intelligence operators who might use ASL with meanings coordinating to the International Code of Signals. X Being X-Ray and meaning "Stop carrying out your intentions, and wait for my signal."
I've Been Detected
Usually made by civilian lackeys added to pad out convoy numbers, this signal consists of just and only touching the headliner, rearview mirror, or moving the sunvisor up and down quickly and purposelessly once.
Hand draped over wheel like base signal, but only index and middle finger extended, the rest tucked. Index and middle fingers used to simulate a walking motion.
Erase/Change/Start Over
Hand draped over wheel, fingers naturally apart, rocked left to right gingerly.
I Do Not Understand
Similar to erase, but fingers are kept flat and together, palm is flat horizontal, and rocked left to right somewhat more forcefully, like playing scratch.
I Understand/Message Received
Hand in any position out window, fingers crossed, thumb touching third fingertip. This is the ASL signal for 'R', ICOS Romeo meaning "Message Recieved."
I Have Something To Say
Peace sign up, but thumb placed in between the "V". This is ASL for 'K', ICOS Kilo meaning "Invitation to transmit/I wish to Communicate"

*There are many more signals used by various CGCI and all of them can be adapted as well to walkers, or bicyclists. If you see something you're not sure about, describe it in a tweet to @LLCStr1ng3r

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