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  • Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012
  • Time: 2:00pm until 5:00pm
  • Location: Portland City Hall
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The Portland City Council's "Upcoming Agenda Items" now lists the "War Dollars Home" resolution on the agenda for Thursday, January 12, at 2 PM.

Peace & Justice Works is coordinating the growing number of partner organizations to line up some heavy-hitting testimony to support this important call for ending the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and redirecting this war-spending to creating much-needed jobs, rebuilding infrastructure and funding human needs here at home.

The City Council hearing is open to all and, we should keep in mind, will also include two other important resolutions from the Mayor's office: one calls for an end to corporate personhood and other calls for sorely-needed campaign finance reform.

That means it's likely to be a very crowded meeting, with folks there to support (and oppose) one or another (or all) of these resolutions. Please think about coming out to this meeting to show your support, and come a bit early if you want to sign up to testify at the hearing.

Other details
For more information, please check the PJW website:​wardollarshome.html

Also, if you'd like to get some ideas for what you might say at the hearing, check out "How Do We End the War in Afghanistan?", a presentation by Matthew Hoh and Zaher Wahab from last June:

(You can view this video via Netflix instant view (through your Roku or Play Station, for example) by adding the Vimeo instant-view channel. The program is also available on YouTube.)

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