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February Discussion Meeting


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  • Date: Sunday Feb 5
  • Time: 6:30pm until 9:30pm
  • Location: In Other Words 14 NE Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217
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February is Black History Month, and that will be our theme for the feminist discussion.

As the Guerilla Girls put it, “If February is Black History Month, and March is Women’s History Month, what’s the rest of the year? A: Discrimination.”

How are civil rights interconnected with women’s rights? How was nineteenth-century abolitionist activism related to first wave feminism? Has American feminist movement really moved away from a white and middle-class focus? How does racism affect Portland to this very day? To discuss these possible segues and more, please show up on Sunday February 5!

If you want to bring snacks to share, or book titles to share, that’s great.

A couple of relevant books are Colonize This! and Feminism for Real (and the latter is really short, by the way), not to mention anything by bell hooks or Patricia Hill Collins…and the list goes on.

I ask that everyone respect our safe space policy this time (and all times, actually). No bullying.

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