Full Consensus Workshop - 20 November 2011

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Full Consensus Decision Making-Workshop



Bringing together the wisdom of the group for the best possible decisions--it's a nice ideal, but how do groups do it effectively? This workshop will offer a coherent approach to full consensus, including the official structures (agreement, standing aside, blocking), the principles underlying them, and what it really takes to make them work. Presentation will be mixed with highly interactive exercises and practice.

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; Lunch

Brown bag, please bring your own lunch.
Please register ahead as space is limited. Contact Michelle Lasley at michelle [at] michellelasley.com or 503-901-0605.
Tree Bressen consults with a wide variety of organizations on how to have meetings that are lively, productive, and connecting. Intentional communities--groups whose members have to deal with each other every day--have provided her with a living crucible for learning and refining these skills. Tree's work is founded on a desire to help groups put their ideals into action. She is a co-creator of Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings. Her workshops are highly interactive and have consistently received enthusiastic reviews for being lively, practical, and informative. She is currently inspired by process learnings arising from the Occupy movement. Tree's website TreeGroup.info offers extensive free articles and resources.
Tree's work is offered on a gift economy basis. She asks participants to pay an amount that feels good and right and fair to you, that you can afford, and that you can give joyfully. Cash and checks accepted on site.
Sponsored by North Portland Food Buying Club

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