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Tuesday | May 25, 2010

Portland's architectural landmark, United States Custom House, officially goes on the auction block today. Previous efforts to turn the building into a 82-room boutique hotel or house Portland's International School fell through. Ideas for turning the building into a home for a Public Market, Sustainability Center or a Rose City Campus for the University of Oregon went nowhere. A couple of months ago, the Oregonian's Anna Griffin thoughtfully observed that someone with "with a vision" should turn their vision for what should happen with this Portland treasure into reality. Here's a chance to step up and take that challenge. What is your vision for the U.S. Custom House? Don't be shy; describe your vision here.

Tuesday | March 23, 2010

Portland's message to upscale consumerism: "Take a hike!" Portland, Oregon Saks Fifth Avenue to Close. MarketWatch

Saturday | March 13, 2010

Portland Tribune 25 jobs @ semi conductor business in Gresham

Saturday | February 6, 2010

KATU Health insurance now open to all Ore. kids

Saturday | January 2, 2010

Oregon Live Portland's 2009 homicides drop to lowest level in almost 40 years