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The PortlandWiki "rose" logo, in use since April 2010.

The current PortlandWiki logo, in use since April 2010, features a stylized rose in reference to one of Portland's nicknames, the City of Roses. The "petals" are arranged in a confluence pattern to emphasize the collaborative nature of wikis. The petal shapes were adapted from elements in the Portland flag.

The logo was chosen from a number of candidates at a Wiki Wednesday meeting. During the development and selection process, feedback was openly solicited on- and off-wiki. This feedback informed the creation of the logo candidates and the final consensus decision.

The original "placeholder" logo, in use from October 2009 to April 2010.

The logo replaced the old "placeholder" logo which was meant to be temporary until a more suitable one could be developed and confirmed by the community. The old logo was designed before it was determined that "PortlandWiki" was one word.