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Venues in Portland where goods are purchased and/or consumed. Considered to be largely recreational, it is an integral part of the city economy. While many cities make a large effort to promote shopping as feature of tourism, this is not entirely encouraged by the locals of Portland. This is due to the prevailing taboo of visitors and tourists.

Nevertheless, the articulate nature of Portlandians has over the years produced a range of retail stores that provide specialty products and services that in many ways are unique to the city. And of coarse, there are also malls that contain national brands known by all.

Portland's Infamously Weird Shops

Within Portland, there are a portion of retailers that have been culturally linked to Portland's social culture. They stand in one way or another as a symbol to the eccentricity and personality of Portland. Probably considered to be the holy grail of product branding, for a customer to value themselves by the places they shop.

Specialty Retail

Beyond the shops famed to define Portland culture, there exists a wide variety of shops that have appeared to serve the meticulous tastes of Portlandians. (‡ = Franchises and/or multiple locations)

Music (Records)

Action Sports


Furnishings & Decor



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