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Are there any objections to removing the Occupy Portland sitenotice entirely? My thoughts are that, its purpose as I see it as being to point Occupiers and other interested parties to the Occupy Portland pages, all those people will likely be entering PortlandWiki via either the homepage or the Occupy Portland pages directly anyway. So a sitenotice on all pages serves little purpose other than possibly bringing more visibility to Occupy Portland (which I think we probably have enough of at this point, given the homepage).

Also I am coming back to my original thought that the sitenotice should probably be reserved for urgent PortlandWiki-related announcements most of the time. I do personally feel that Occupy Portland is important enough to be an exception to that rule for a while, but I'm thinking a few weeks is enough time to get the word out about our pages about it.


kotra (talk)19:22, 26 October 2011