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okay, all done. I've added pages for everything by going backwards through the history and selecting the version of the page just before the event was removed. i've added comments on all the restored pages as to which revision they came from.

i discovered that there was a PortlandOccupyPastEvents I haven't moved / merged its information with the individual event pages, but that might be a good idea at some point. Not sure how to handle its PortlandOccupyPastEvents#Encampment section.

All the upcoming events also have their own pages now. Either I or User: have to go through and add the other known action committee events that got lost in the [change conflicts]

I tried to add reasonable categories to all the pages, mainly the set: Category:Events, Category:Street Protests, Rallies, Demonstrations, Category:Occupy Portland but also the set: Category:Jobs, Category:Organizing, Category:Union Organizing, Category:PortlandUnionWiki when that seemed applicable

Ios (talk)02:52, 2 November 2011