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Timberline Lodge is a skiing lodge that sits at the 6000 foot elevation point of Mount Hood. Situated in the Mount Hood National Forest, Mount Hood is a 11,245-foot volcano, and is the tallest mountain in all of Oregon.


Timberline Lodge was built during the Great Depression in the 1930s by Works Progress Administration (WPA). Called "a genuine icon of the Great Northwest," and built "during the throes of the Great Depression," this "quintessential ski lodge is one of the nation's best known WPA buildings, having been built and furnished entirely by Northwest craftsmen and artisans working under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal Federal Arts Project."[1]


Timberline Lodge is the only lodge in North America that is open and available all twelve months of the year![2] Lessons for all levels of skiers are offered at the lodge, including lessons for experts who want to refine their skills.


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