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Personal information
Real nameTeresa Boze
BirthdayApril 10th
OccupationWork - when I can find it - a writer hacking the future now.
Places I have livedCentral Illinois, Chicago, Portland, Oregon
SchoolsUniversity of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign: B.S. in psychology, physiological psychology focus

Portland State University: post-bac in technical communications, jounralism and publishing

About meMerrily Distopian. It has been said I know everyone - in Portland. Writer - technical, creative, and literary. Heavy community involvement with open source outreach to common man. Internet connectivity is a General Purpose Technology and a Human Right. Someday this will be an even more wonderful and beautiful world. Sometimes I remember that I am Buddhist and lighten up.
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posted 4152 days ago

Great addition of the featured article on the front page!!