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The Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) was created in 1933 by a special session of the Legislature after national prohibition ended. Oregon is a control state with the exclusive right to sell packaged distilled spirits, which are dispersed statewide from a distribution center in Portland and sold in 242 retail liquor stores operated by contracted agents. The agency is headquartered in Portland with regional offices in Bend, Eugene, Medford and Salem.


In recent years craft bartending in Oregon has risen to new heights, thanks in part to a small group of dedicated individuals located around the state. The Bartenders Guild was formed in 2007 to help bring together like-minded bar professionals and amateur mixologists, and to help raise awareness of Oregon bartending within the state and around the world.


The breweries of Oregon and the products they produce are known around the world for quality and innovation. More importantly, beer culture is an ingrained piece of the social fabric of our great state. Beer means more here. For more information about the number of breweries in Oregon or the economic impact of the Oregon beer industry. -- Brewers Guild


The Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) is a community group of workers committed to promoting Solidarity, Support, & Education among food service workers in our city.