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Rally to allow Gresham BMXers to use Gresham Skate Park


  • Date: Sun, January 15
  • Time: 12pm – 4pm
  • Location: Gresham Skate Park 219 S Main
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Let's show some solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Gresham.

Occupy Gresham is hosting the Gresham BMX Bike Group as well as the PDX Bike Swarm in a rally to support the right for BMX bikers to use the Gresham Skate Park (GSP). The group will meet at the GSP at 12PM on Sunday, January 15th and will rally until 4PM. The event is family friendly. There is currently an ordinance in Gresham that prohibits bicycles and scooters at the GSP. The police are under a Mayoral mandate to cite riders and confiscate all bikes that enter the park. The BMX bikers and their parents have started a grassroots movement to repeal the ordinance. They have gathered petitions and met multiple times with the City Council, but have faced repeated rebuttals. The skateboard community supports sharing the park with the BMX bikers. Nearly every other park in the state allows bicyclists and skaters to ride together in harmony. All parties involved in this event believe there is no valid reason for the current ordinance.

Follow the swarm blog for updates.

We need bodies to show up so spread the word!

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