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According to BarFly, Blitz Pearl (110 NW 10th Ave. in Portland's Pearl District) is a "straightforward sports bar" that is "low on the ambiance" and "looks like an oddly unlived-in frat house." Blitz Pearl's cavernous basement features the standard sports bar accouterments (pool tables, shuffle board games, big-screen televisions, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers). The upstairs cafe is not as noisy, and is about half the size as the downstairs game room. On a good night high-quality hip-hop wafts through the upstairs sound system, replacing the televised noise that inflicts so much suffering upon countless sports bar patrons across the drunken jock world. Despite low prices, the menu offers significantly higher-quality food than often found in most sports bars. Want to throw an office party? Then talk to floor manager (and part-time DJ) Aaron Mora who'll hook you up with reserved space and menu tailored to your party needs.