Chaplains Occupy Thanksgiving PDX 11 24 2011

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Chaplains Occupy Thanksgiving PDX


  • Date: Thursday, Nov. 24
  • Time: Noon until 7 p.m
  • Location: Wallace Park, Northwest Portland (Please RSVP)
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Our invitation to #OccupyThanksgivingPDX

We are occupying Thanksgiving Day.

We occupy it because:

  • This is a quintessentially American holiday, and is an important part of American cultural narratives.
  • This is also a holiday that commemorates the fact that the European colonizers began their expansive ambitions and conquest and genocide of the First Nations, in the name of "freedom" -- something this holiday tends to sugar-coat.
  • On this day, there are many -- and growing number of -- Portlanders who are unhoused and, since most of other Portlanders have a privilege of being able to stay home, take a day off, and spend time with family, they are left outside often with no place to go and nothing to eat. We recognize this social inequity.
  • Today, Thanksgiving Day is the official beginning of the "Holiday Season," which is essentially an orgy of consumerism orchestrated by the top 1%. Many publicly-traded big corporations count on this season, and the Fourth Quarter earnings report affects share prices significantly.
  • We occupy this day to reclaim the Thanksgiving as a time for community, sharing, and abundance.

When: Thursday, Nov. 24 -- The festivities run from noon until 7 p.m.; everyone is welcome to participate in part or all of this event.

Where: In the close-in Northwest Portland with a good public transit and bicycle greenway access. Please RSVP for location.

What: Lunch and dinner, potluck style; open-mic music and spoken words; community discussions on various topics; games; and the Thanksgiving General Assembly. But mostly a fun exercise where people who are new to the Occupy movement can learn how to participate in a GA, or organize their own GAs.

Tell your friends about this. #ChaplainsOccupyPDX Interfaith Guild of Chaplains

More details with this update on Nov. 21

printable flier

Here is a direct link to RSVP form:

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