East 12th Avenue

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East 12th Avenue is a north-south running avenue located on the Eastside. South of Burnside it is Southeast 12th, while north of Burnside it is Northeast 12th.

Northeast 12th Avenue

In Northeast, NE 12th runs from Burnside, crosses Sullivan's Gulch, and then terminates at NE Lloyd Boulevard. The street resumes at NE Broadway, running through the Irvington, Sabin and King neighborhoods before terminating at NE Webster. Three blocks past Webster, at NE Emerson, the street picks up again before ending again at NE Holman in Woodlawn. The street makes a final appearance for the length of a block between NE Buffalo and NE Holland. With the exception of the stretch between Burnside and Lloyd Boulevard, NE 12th is a residential street.

Notable Sites on NE 12th Avenue

Southeast 12th Avenue

In Southeast, SE 12th runs from Burnside through the neighborhoods of Buckman and Hosford-Abernethy before it merges with SE 11th at SE Clinton and becomes SE Milwaukie Avenue. During this incarnation of the street, it exists as a two lane one-way street running south. SE 12th pops up again - this time as a residential street - between SE Boise and SE Holgate.

Notable Sites on SE 12th Avenue