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InterOccupy Working Group Newport Oregon


  • Date: Sun, February 26
  • Time: 6pm – 8pm
  • Location: TransAmerica Trail 35 Northwest Nye Street Newport, OR 97365
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I would like to suggest forming an InterOccupy Working Group, if one does not already exist in Occupy Portland, to connect with occupations and strengthen our global solidarity.

Occupations that are in prime positions to produce and utilize these types of busses and initiate these mobile projects are San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta and New York City.

Coming from Occupy Congress where I camped along with occupiers from all over the world and the two camps of Occupy DC for about a week, I can say that we are ready for a venture of this magnitude.

Spreading the knowledge and physical resources necessary for the decentralized utilization of permaculture and alternative energies is not just a necessary part of the economic rEVOLution but, also, a major part of the social one.

I implore you to, not only form working relationships between yourselves and the occupations of NYC ATL and SF but, also reach out to Boston, Little Rock, San Diego and Austin. These are occupations that have a head start on sustainable farming and energy production.

This is a large task but, we need to move forward on these fronts and this is only the beginning. Please, write back as soon as possible so that we open a discussion between occupations, while we still have the means to do so.

I look forward to your response.