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Interdependence Day


  • Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
  • Time: all afternoon and evening
  • Location: Pioneer Courthouse Square at noon; Colonel Summers Park at 6 p.m., SE 17th & SE Taylor
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With support from a local radio broadcast, we will read the following declaration at exactly 12:30pm in the areas surrounding Pioneer Square, and then rejoin back in Pioneer Square for a Distributed Dance Party! Dancing in the streets! Or park, as the case may be. Anyone with a radio, boombox, or car stereo, can tune into this dance party anywhere in downtown. So bring a Boombox if you can, but there is no need to! Everyone will get a copy of the declaration to read, and we will all read it together.

Declaration of Interdependence

The world is changing.
This past year we have seen
information topple governments,
and movements rise across the world.
We have seen the power of ideas
and we have tasted possibility.
The age of competition is ending,
We don't want to take anything from you.
We don't want you to believe what we believe
We want you to be happy.
We want you to be free.
We want to build a world where
No one goes hungry.
We want to build a world that
grows more beautiful,
more diverse, and more abundant
With every passing year.
That world is closer now than it has ever been.
We have all the tools we need,
And we can build it together.
We can share our ideas and successes
with billions of people around the world,
who also yearn for love, peace, equality,
and a better life for their children.
We are asking you to let
the possibility of a world like that sink in.
Because it cannot be won by violence,
And it cannot be taken by force.
We are asking you to join the conversation.
Today is the first day of Summer.
Come and spend it with us.
Tell us your stories,
Share your ideas,
and ask us for help.
We don't have to work together,
We get to. And if we do,
Imagine what next summer
Could look like.

If this declaration resonates with you, if you believe this is something the world needs, or if you just want to dance and meet your neighbors, come join us. Share this message, spread the word. Together, there is nothing we cannot do.

Everyone we will be free to dance, talk, and celebrate as long they wish, and when everyone is done, we will wrap up and prepare for the next phase of the day, a gathering called Community Supported Everything.

At 6pm we will be organizing a gathering in Colonel Summers park to take the day even further. We encourage everyone to bring their art, their music, their food, anything that is special to them they wish to share, and share it with us. Food Not Bombs will be serving food, but feel free to bring a dish or desert.

We will be facilitating community networking and resource-mapping in groups of 6, giving each person time to talk about their ideas, their crazy projects, the things they dream of doing, so that the community can know what they want and offer them help in achieving it!

What is Community Supported Everything?

Community Supported Everything

Inspired by Community Supported Agriculture where supportive relationships are forged directly between the community and local farmers, Community Supported Everything uses the internet and real community meetings to build relationships within our communities. We create spaces for neighbors to share their ideas, find support and offer their talents to incubate projects that benefit the community as a whole. This can be anything at all, as long as it is not exclusive or excessive. Whatever makes you happy, healthy, and free benefits everyone!

[* http://www.thesymbiosisproject.org/ The Symbiosis Project and Interdependence Day

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