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Kickstarter for Bimblebox: A Documentary about coal in Australia


  • Date: December 8 at 2:00am until December 15 at 2:00am


Haw River Films and the owners of Bimblebox Nature Refuge have teamed up to produce a film aimed at drawing international attention to the issue surrounding the huge expansion of coal and coal seam gas mining in Australia (particularly the expansions planned in Queensland and New South Wales). We need your support to help promote and distribute the completed feature documentary film to a broad audience. We have set up an account with "crowd funding" platform Kickstarter to raise at least $7500 for promotion and distribution of the film.


Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform where anyone can pitch an idea and people who help fund it are rewarded. Essentially we are pre-selling copies of the DVD amongst other rewards to help us fund distribution and promotion of the film.

check it out here: http://kck.st/rTFBO7

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