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[[Category:Occupy Portland Labor Outreach Committee]]

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Labor Outreach Committee Meeting


Manifest Unity!


This is a reminder that our next meeting of the Labor Outreach Committee is this evening: Friday, 12/2, 5:30pm-6:45pm at the First Unitarian Church Room B303.

Agenda items so far will include
  1. Discussion of the December 12th Occupy Action and our relation and/or preparations for it.
  2. Other upcoming events (Dec. 11th Longview meeting, Dec. 17th Immigrants Rights march, others?)
  3. Next Steps: "Peoples' Assembly," Teach-ins, etc.
  4. Better organization & goals of union outreach/ "union liaison" team
  5. Homework & announcements

Other details
We should also be aware that there is a planned reoccupation on Saturday, see the occupyportland.org website for more details.

Please forward this info to those interested.
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