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The "Long Commute" Option

Pack up your bags and trade your swank Pearl District condo for a squalid shanty in central Manila. One immediately apparent disadvantage with this option is the terribly long commute involved in traveling from your Manila shanty to Portland and back. Daily commute costs alone will likely wipe out any savings realized from trading your glitzy, high-denaro "Pearl Place" dwelling for a gritty downtown Manila sidewalk hovel.

The "Cargo Container" Option

One of the many wonderful side effects of the US-Sino "special relationship"--aside from the pathological consumerism supported by Chinese slavery, and the continent-sized mounds of post-consumer waste left in consumerism's wake--are cheap and plentiful shipping containers! Who could've guessed that your very own steel-framed (and steel-walled, ceilinged and floored too!) "single-wide" Containerized Home can be yours practically for the taking!?! Don't believe it? Well, just wander on down to AMERICAN STEEL CARGOS CONTAINER, LLC and have a look-see for yourself. The company claims they'll even customize your container for you.

If none of that works out, the Around the Sun blog is a pretty sweet weekly source of free things to do.

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