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==External links==
==External links==
* [http://www.nwacademy.org/ Northwest Academy]
* [http://www.nwacademy.org/ Northwest Academy]

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A Pretty Cool School

Performers onstage at 2010 Club Cabaret, an annual benefit gala for the Northwest Academy.
  • Q: Does the Northwest Academy make their students wear head scarves or nun habits?
  • A: Nope! The Northwest Academy has no dress code. Students are encouraged to wear what makes them feel comfortable, and apparel that allows them to express themselves.
  • Q: Do you have to be really good at art to go to the Northwest Academy?
  • A: No. As well as art, the Northwest Academy offers other core classes. In addition to "fun," rigorous academics and an interdisciplinary approach are NWA's primary hallmarks.
  • Q: How many students go to the Northwest Academy?
  • A: About 115.


The Northwest Academy is a private, liberal arts school that is located on 1130 SW Main St., only steps away from Starbucks, The Portland Art Museum, Powell's Books, Portland State University, and much more.

NWA's class sizes cap at eighteen students because NWA's teachers are committed to give each student the attention that he/she needs to succeed. The school's environment is relaxed, where students can call teachers by their first names, and be themselves in class. If a student has exhausted the NWA curriculum, they have the opportunity to take classes from nearby PSU. (Many students take math and language classes at PSU in high school, or if they're really a show-off, in middle school.)

Club Cabaret

NWA's students have the opportunity to visit Ashland, Oregon in the beginning of October to see Shakespeare and other famous plays. Most of the student body will also participate in annual spring performances called Club Cabaret (located in The Portland Art Museum), held in February, and Esprit (located at the Keller Auditorium), held in May. Club Cabaret is Northwest Academy's ultimate fundraiser for the school. The students sing, act, and dance. In February 2011 NWA students performed a radio show for Club Cabaret. The performance is always set in a different era and country. During this show, there is also a oral and silent auction. Esprit includes all student talents (dance, acting, singing, writing, etc.), and is a very fun, upbeat performance. This is where the creativity of the students really comes through.

Contact Northwest Academy

Website: http://www.nwacademy.org/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NWAcademy

Telephone: (503) 223-3367

Address: 1130 Southwest Main Street Portland, OR 97205

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