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=== Speakers ===
=== Speakers ===
* Rabbi Emanuel Rose, Rabbi Emeritus Congregation [[Temple Beth Israel]]
Rabbi Emanuel Rose, Rabbi Emeritus Congregation Temple Beth Israel
* The Very Reverend Bill Lupfer of [[Trinity Episcopal Cathedral]],
* The Reverend Bill Sinkford of the [[First Unitarian Church]]
The Very Reverend Bill Lupfer of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral,
* The Reverend Lynne Smouse López of [[Ainsworth United Church of Christ]]
* Imam Mikal Shabazz
The Reverend Bill Sinkford of the First Unitarian Church
* Congressman [[Earl Blumenauer]]
* President Tom Chamberlain of [[Oregon AFL-CIO]]
The Reverend Lynne Smouse López of Ainsworth United Church of Christ
* Representatives from [[Occupy Portland]]
* Community activist and author Kathleen Saadat
Imam Mikal Shabazz
Congressman Earl Blumenauer
President Tom Chamberlain of Oregon AFL-CIO
Representatives from Occupy Portland
Community activist and author Kathleen Saadat
=== Purpose ===
=== Purpose ===

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Labor Solidarity March - March Together with Occupy Portland!!

Occupy Portland Labor March


Assemble at Director Park at 5 p.m. and at 6 p.m we will march downtown in a show of solidarity.
We will march past the Occupation at Chapman Square and end at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Organized labor is coming together to support the Occupy Portland movement. Oregon AFSCME leadership encourages your participation as we partner with the Oregon AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice and others.

Occupy Portland is made up of real Americans pulling together to hold big banks and multinational corporations accountable for the financial crisis we all face.

Looking for more background information to better understand the ‘Occupy’ movement?

Please visit their webpage

Occupy Portland in peaceful solidarity with OWS

Remind everyone that the 99% are not just the representatives standing our ground in parks and empty lots across Oregon and the nation. Join the Oregon AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Laborers', and more unions for sure to come. The WE ARE OREGON drum core will also be there to put a beat to our steps!

LABOR won't stand for corporatization of our communities - not on Wall Street and not in the City of Portland! GOOD jobs, NOT CUTS!

Free concert "Pink Martini" and This Land is Our Land Super Rally

  • Date Friday, October 28
  • Time 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • Location Pioneer Courthouse Square Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square is affectionately known as the City's "living room." With more than 26,000 people passing by the Square each day and over 300 events a year, it really is the place to be in PDX!
  • Invite Page: Facebook Event Page



Super Rally Info

PORTLAND, OR—In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Portland movements, Pink Martini will present ‘This Land Is Our Land’—a free concert / super-rally & community sing-a-long extravaganza in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, October 28, 12noon-1:30pm with the purpose of providing a thinking person's guide to the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Portland movements.

The rally will open with a set of songs performed by Storm Large and Pink Martini and members of the Oregon Symphony, followed by a community sing-a-long with songs like "This Land is Your Land" and "Home on the Range". Interspersed throughout will be short and inspiring speeches by political, labor and religious leaders, including:



‘This Land is Our Land’ rally will be a fun and festive gathering which articulates support for Occupy Portland / Occupy Portland and inspires people to get involved in a peaceful movement for social and economic justice.

About Pink Martini

“This is the biggest social and economic justice movement of our times” says Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale. “When the 400 wealthiest Americans have a greater combined net worth than the bottom 150 million Americans, something’s wrong. When the top 1% of Americans possess more wealth than the entire bottom 90%, something’s wrong. Through this concert and rally, we hope to bring intelligent and thoughtful dialogue to the table and in the process, gather wider and broader support for this movement.”

Words about Occupy

“The Occupy movement is my first experience of witnessing a genuine American uprising,” says Storm Large. “One without guns, threats of violence,or even shouting down people who don't agree. An uprising without discrimination or dull-eyed, hateful separatist decrees. It is an articulate conversation, as opposed to the B.S. bumper sticker soundbites our own government can't seem to stop spewing. Instead of the typical "Us vs. Them" mentality or schoolyard bullying tactics, the rag tag group in Zuccotti Park have inspired the World with their cool headed dedication to getting answers and finding solutions. I am honored to support this movement, and lend my small voice to the huge and growing chorus of real democracy being born, like a new star taking shape.”

Says community activist and author Kathleen Saadat, "We can use this opportunity to explore and express ideas and formulate goals that, if articulated, championed and insisted upon, will make life better for 99% of the population. We support and want to gain attention for Occupy Portland, get people out of their offices to sing and dance and hopefully talk with one another about what this movement might mean for all of us.”

What: ‘This Land Is Our Land’—a free concert / super-rally & community sing-a-long extravaganza

Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square – Downtown Portand

When: Friday, October 28, 12noon-1:30pm

International Occupy March

OccupyTogether poster15.jpg
  • Date Saturday, October 29th, 2011


This is the night before the G20 leaders Summit. This will be one of our regular Saturday marches, but in solidarity with other marches happening that day worldwide. This is a march against the greed of wall street, and in support of values of the 99%

Zombie March

  • Date Monday October 31st, 2011


The Anti-Coal Zombie March is organized by Rising Tide to highlight the banks that fund coal mining (Bank of America, Wells Fargo...). This easily meshes with OP intentions.

National Break up with your Bank Day

  • Date Saturday November 5th, 2011


Vote with your dollar. Get your money out of wall street banks and back into your community by moving your money to a local credit union. Save money by avoiding the new debit card fees banks are forcing on consumers even though the banks continue to rake in record profits.

Stop The Tar Sands Pipeline

  • Date Sunday, November 6th, 2011

The action will replicate DC's "Hands Around The White House". Our local version on Sunday, November 6th, would be "Hands Around The Federal Building" and a march to a nearby theater for a free viewing of the new documentary, Pipe Dreams. This is a film on the Keystone XL by Leslie Iwerks and is short-listed for an Academy Award nomination.


The Tar Sands/ Keystone XL pipeline is one of the biggest looming disastesr in North America, but most people have never heard of it. Please watch this 90 sec. video and this 4 minute video by Josh Fox, Academy Award nominated producer of Gasland.