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Occupy Giving! Organizing a Holiday Meal for the Homeless


  • Date: Sunday, December 11, 2011
  • Time: 12-6pm
  • Location: Pioneer Square
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We would like to call out for people of Occupy Portland and allies to donate food and blankets and anything that can help the homeless. We the people, that were camping in the parks last month, we already know how hard it's to live out there in the cold. So, let's help the homeless people because when they took the camp down most of us we went back to our houses but the homeless are still out there.

The plan is to do it all day probably from 12pm to 6pm.

We also could have like a little posada, it is like a mexican holiday party. We could do it during the whole Christmas holiday season in our streets or neighborhoods. Different families bring their own food and we all share. We also have piñatas, tamales, atole, ponche, pan de dulce etc.

Here is the proposal
Occupy Giving! Organizing a Holiday Meal for the Homeless in collaboration with one or more local nonprofits who serve the Street Community in December. Sisters of the Road Cafe has been suggested as a good organization to co-create this event with. Would be combined with a clothing and blankets drive. Would also have hot coffee and hot chocolate, and would offer food and drink to the police if they showed up.