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(Organize & Discuss [http://occupyportland.org/organise-and-discuss/?mingleforumaction=vforum&g=1.0])
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; By Committee:
; By Committee:
* Bedding & Rain Gear - {{OPForum|10.0}} - [[Occupy Portland - Bedding & Rain Gear Committee|wiki]]
* Bedding & Rain Gear - {{OPForum|10.0}} - [[Occupy Portland - Bedding and Rain Gear Committee|wiki]]
* Communications  {{OPForum|7.0}}
* Communications  {{OPForum|7.0}}
* Finance  {{OPForum|18.0}}
* Finance  {{OPForum|18.0}}

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If you are confused or overwhelmed by the forum structure of communicating online, here is, at least, a different way to look at the work that is happening, the still lead to the forums - but if we can figure out how to pull the nuggets out of there and build the wiki with great information, wooo-hooo!

Organize & Discuss [1]

By Committee