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Committee for Exploration of moving the General Assembly (GA) to Pioneer Square

Next meetings:

Tuesday 12:30pm at workshop tent behind library
Sunday 2pm at workshop tent behind library

23 October 2011 notes

In attendance: SarahHope, Mark, Cyd, Sarah, Ariel, Paul, Stanford, Teresa, Glenn

Trying to frame this idea and work for inclusiveness,

  1. Mechanism
  2. Structure
  3. Message
    1. i.e. how do we take care of each other, esp. the marginalized / social 'misfits' - that are usually 'swept under the rug' - by being active and transparent, without preaching

Structure - process point to consider is an unlearning and relearning method of inquiry - invite the whole community to do this

Building communities and inclusiveness being strongly important - holding space for marginalized people and viewpoints.

Making comfortable space is important for connecting - human connection - having people talk to each other

Skilled facilitators - keep emotional in front, not just intellectual

High energy at times, but going to get to a plateau, mundane point to rest upon - need to find this space

Crowd - how to interface?

GA move to Pioneer Square already discussed many nights

Simplicity and conciseness need to be a part of the message - details not necessary if we stay true to statement (of simplicity and conciseness)

What are our earliest 'toggles'?

Community forum where peopel can co-create political actions and campaigns in roads.
November 8th rolling out of Portland Plan
Shall this be a little different than GA?
What are peoples needs, not being me?
can we focus on these? i.e. foreclosures, health care, etc. (Solutions Committee working on this too?)

What fi we do something on the weekend (Sunday after church) and during the week at mid-day for working folks.

Open Space - visual and simplified (different than unstructured space at amphitheater)

Want to feel solidarity and 99% is Radical Inclusion (nearest to Radical Inclusion anyway)

Can we come up with a way to stay connected about where messages to each other will live?

Who should be on this committee?

After meeting, Paul, SaraHope, Mark meet and talked about possible discussion point for Tuesday:

We make a committee announcement at GA re: moving forward with 'our plan'