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[[Category:Occupy Events]]

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PLEASE NOTE : Not all the events listed originate with Occupy Portland. They may be widely attended or endorsed by the Occupy movement, in general, or they may be local sponsors that share the goals of Occupy. In that case, the sponsors and other related information is provided. Events can also be sent to: ActionCommitteePDX@googlegroups.com

Current Events

Hawthorne Street Bank Protests

Join the revolution 2.jpg
  • Date: October 31st - November 4th
  • Time: 10am - 6:30pm

ALL IN ONE AREA!!! ALL WEEK!!!! These are the locations that Occupiers are planning to protest at: Bank of America on 3757 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214. Wells Fargo and Chase banks are also in that location.

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Vote with your dollar and Bank Local.

Get your money out of wall street banks and back into your community by moving your money to a local credit union. This is a peaceful show of solidarity. Bring signs! We will try to maintain a continual presence at these buildings during business hours throughout the week so come down when you can. Please just do it peacefully :)

Other details
Check out these pages on bank concerns, and why you should bank local.

International Break up with your Bank day / Bank Transfer Day / Guy Fawkes Day

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More than 61,000 people — and counting — have already signed up to move their money out of the big banks on November 5th, National Bank Transfer Day.


This is a community outreach/public education focused action sponsored by the Action Committee.

This will be a PEACEFUL action, with the unified message to the banksters at the top. We will refrain from harassing the wage workers of the bank (bank tellers), who often barely make a liveable wage and are in danger of being laid off themselves. During this demonstration, we will remember who our common enemy is.

We want criminal banks to be held accountable for their actions. We want immediate federal investigation of these crimes. We want their fines to be proportionate to their crimes. We want to see fraud manufacturers in jail. We want them to face harsher punishments than the peaceful protestors being held at $10,000 bail. We want justice, and we want it NOW.

  • We invite people to bring supplemental information regarding banks. We will also provide information material for anyone who wants to help canvass.
  • We invite people whose homes have been taken from them or who are swimming in debt to get in front of the crowd and share their stories. Your voice will be given a platform to be heard. You will not have suffered in vain.

The big banks think they're too big to fail. They think we believe that money trickles down. We know what's coming down on us isn't money. We will show them that we will change the system from the bottom up. This movement is too big to fail!

We're moving our money because we've had enough with an economic system that keeps giving bailouts and bonuses to the big banks while the 99% are still struggling to find good jobs. We've had enough with a system that protects loopholes for private jets while cutting education and health care. And we've had enough with CEOs who make millions a year while they lay-off thousands of workers.

We are just one part of a coalition of labor and community organizations, fighting for a fair economy - good jobs, education and healthcare. We are individuals, community groups, neighborhood associations, faith organizations and labor united to bring good jobs home.

Other details
THIS IS A GA APPROVED ACTION. and is endorsed by Occupy cities nationwide as well as many co-sponsors.

We will meet at 9:30 to rally, then the march will be begin.

First: We will march to some big bank locations to hand out public outreach material exposing the crimes of big banks and describing their role in the collapsing economy. Second: We will then march over to some credit unions for those who wish to open an account and those who want to learn more about credit unions and how they differ from big banks.

This event is planned to go until at least 1:30pm. Route (including bank and credit union locations) will be announced at the time of the rally.

We have been in contact with these credit unions. They will happily EXPECTING us with coffee, treats, and valuable information!

Don’t have an account at a big bank?

Come rally in support of people who are moving their money, make your voice heard, and hear what local politicians are doing to support responsible banking.

Check out these break-up videos
More info here

Stop The Tar Sands Pipeline ( Hands Around the Pioneer Courthouse )

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Facebook Stop The Pipeline!

  • Terry Schrunk Plaza--Boca Marimba will start playing at 1:00.
  • We will begin with speeches around 2:00.
  • At approximately 2:45, we'll head down the sidewalks of 3rd Avenue enroute to the *Pioneer Courthouse* and turn up Yamhill. Once there, we will encircle the courthouse.
  • We'll probably wrap up at 4:00.

"Hands Around the Pioneer Courthouse" is on Sunday, November 6th. We will assemble at Terry Schrunk Plaza at 1:00 pm and at 2:00 pm we will take some time for some brief speeches on the Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands. We will then walk to the historic Pioneer Courthouse and encircle it at approximately 2:45. The action calls for President Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is proposed to be constructed from the Tar Sands oil fields of northern Alberta through America's Heartland to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico. Our encirclement of the Pioneer Courthouse replicates Washington DC's "Hands Around The White House". The pipeline's construction raises grave concerns about potential catastrophic environmental damage to life on our special planet.

This action has received endorsements from
  • Occupy Portland
  • Climate Justice Portland
  • Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • 350.org
  • http://TarSandsAction.org
  • Oregon Conservancy Foundation
  • Oregon Interfaith Power & Light (OIPL)
  • Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Cascade Climate Network (CCN)
  • Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP)
  • Friends of the Earth and Occupy Portland

Other details
Many of you probably know about the issue of the tar sands and Keystone XL pipeline. Most of us are here because we recognize fundamental issue around the system. These issues make people aware of how far system has failed. Some issues are directly about survival. The tar sands relates to ecological destruction. Tar sands in Canada is the most costly. for 1 gallon extracted, 4 gallons h20 polluted. Pipeline touches aquifers for 30% of agriculture in this country. the likelihood of leaking pipeline is 100%.

The issue is dark and it highlights how corrupt the system is because it's willing to fund this project, banks bailed out by taxpayer money and those banks are enabling destruction of the climate. This action is demanding President Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is proposed to be constructed from the Tar Sands oil fields of northern Alberta through America's Heartland to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico. The pipeline's construction raises extreme concerns about the oil companies' ability to push through catastrophic environmental damage.

Note: It was originally hoped that there would a viewing of the new documentary, Pipe Dreams. The viewing will not be possible until at least November 17th.


The Tar Sands/ Keystone XL pipeline is one of the biggest looming disaster in North America, but most people have never heard of it. Please watch this 90 sec. video and this 4 minute video by Josh Fox, Academy Award nominated producer of Gasland. Dirty Oil, Dirty Air: Ottawa's broken pollution promise


Armistice Day

[improve] Veteransforpeace.jpg



Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square
When: Friday, November 11, 2011 11:11 AM

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, it became “All quiet on the western front.” An armistice signed at six o’clock that morning took effect and brought a cease-fire to the “War to end all wars.” Since that fateful hour, most nations, which fought in that conflict, observe Armistice Day. The United States in 1938 made it official with a proclamation that states in part: “…it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations; and…inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples.”

Unfortunately the horrors of World War One were to be outdone by those of World War Two and to honor the sacrifices of the veterans who fought in it, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day in 1954. While it is fitting and proper to honor all veterans for their service, it is a shame that the original intent of November eleventh has become lost to the militarization and commercialization of this important date.

Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 will be gathering at the Pioneer Courthouse Square for our seventh annual commemoration of this solemn day. We invite the public to join us “with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace Through good will and mutual understanding between nations…”.

This event is endorsed by the Occupy Portland GA

The 99% Is Diverse and United March


  • Date: 11/12/11
  • Time: 12:00PM Rally / 2:00PM March
  • Location: Waterfront park at SW Salmon st and SW Naito Pkwy
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This is a march to Make all the minorities groups and cultures together and educate them about the Occupy Portland Movement. We are marching against economic inequality and exploitation of working people especially minorities.

  • NOVEMBER 12 2011

Location: Waterfront park at SW Salmon st and SW Naito Pkwy

Time: We’ll gather at 12:00 pm and we’ll march at 2:00 pm.

Here are some things we are going to be marching for:

  • A better quality of life
  • Health care for all
  • Education reform and make the higher education accessible for all
  • Distribute the world's wealth equally with all
  • Put an end to wars and stop killing innocent people
  • Stop once and for all, the divisions and any discrimination among people. No matter the social class, race, skin color, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, disability we are all human and we have the same rights
  • Protect the environment of our planet in a more strict way because it is the only one we have and is dying.
  • Create jobs in the country and stop sending them to other places
  • To have more benefits in the jobs and with better conditions

For more updates go to occupypdx.org


POWER IN UNITY We are workers. We are black. We are straight. We are Hispanic. We are men. We are White. We are gay. We are rich. We are women. We are unemployed. We are Middle Eastern. We are poor. We are white. We are students. We are people of faith. We are struggling. We are active. We are Asian. We are atheists.

We are everything in between. We are many.

WE ARE THE 99% and WE ARE UNITED against the greed of Wall Street that has damaged our economy, destroyed our jobs, forced foreclosure on our homes, polluted our environment and corrupted our democracy.

DIVERSITY MARCH in support of education, health care and job opportunities for all in support of justice and financial reform

Meet at Water front park at SW Salmon st and SW Naito Pkwy Gather at 12PM and We March at 2PM November 12, 2011

Other details
Facebook event page

[Occupy PDX more information]

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