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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Labor Outreach Committee is to facilitate communication and relationship building between labor and Occupy Portland. Labor and Unions are an essential part of the Occupy Movement and it is the goal of the Labor Outreach Committee to make sure that they are included as much as possible.

The Labor Outreach Committee will be run by a group of experienced individuals who are well spoken and empathetic and will be able to attend as many Union meetings as possible with the thesis of gaining support from the union. Members of the Committee will attend weekly meetings to “touch bases” about further actions and developments about the Union and Labor Community.

The current goal of the Labor Outreach Committee is to achieve a symbiotic relationship between Labor and Occupy. Where Occupy is providing the resources to fight selective battles for Labor and the Unions, and they are in turn providing support in various ways they see possible.

The end goal of the Labor Liaison Committee is to be inter-connected to all Unions throughout the country and be able to provide the Union support that other smaller Occupations desire or need.

Labor Support of Occupy Portland

Letter Carriers Support Occupy Portland!
“We share the common value of people over profits, not the corporate value of profit over people. Know that we the letter carriers of the NALC Branch 82, Portland, Oregon, stand with you in this important time and this fight for the rights of the many, not the few.”
Solidarity Forever!
Laborers' Local 483 unites with Occupy Portland. "You are the hope for the future."

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