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Labor Solidarity Committee:[1] Mission Statement

The purpose of the Labor Solidarity Committee is to facilitate communication and relationship building between labor and Occupy Portland. Labor and Unions are an essential part of the Occupy Movement and it is the goal of the Labor Solidarity Committee to make sure that they are included as much as possible.

The Labor Solidarity Committee is made up of organized and unorganized workers. We aim to better educate labor unions and other worker-oriented groups about ways to get involved and support Occupy Portland. We also work to bring existing struggles in the labor movement into Occupy Portland.

We currently meet weekly on Fridays, from 5:30-6:45pm at the St. Francis Church. To get involved, email: maydayoutreach@gmail.com

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Get Involved

Labor Support of Occupy Portland

Letter Carriers Support Occupy Portland!
“We share the common value of people over profits, not the corporate value of profit over people. Know that we the letter carriers of the NALC Branch 82, Portland, Oregon, stand with you in this important time and this fight for the rights of the many, not the few.”
Solidarity Forever!
Laborers' Local 483 unites with Occupy Portland. "You are the hope for the future."

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The Occupy Movement recognizes the dire economic situation the country is in and is not held back by mainstream politicians. This gives the Occupy Movement an amazing chance to lead labor down the right path. There is a wide gulf between the demands that the labor movement and the Democratic Party are putting forward and what working people desperately need. Occupy would not exist were this not the case.
The Occupy Movement will be crushed if the demands being fought for do not connect with working people. A key characteristic of any powerful social movement is the appearance of successive, large demonstrations that draw in new layers of working people, students, and the elderly. The average working person feels impelled to join such a movement because they see their own interests reflected in the movement, and once they join they learn that their interests are the same as those of the others involved.
UNLESS something changes in Washington, American workers will, on New Year’s Day (2012), effectively lose their right to be represented by a union.

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Let us name, then, the underlying object of the protests’ discontent. It is a society that fundamentally isn’t working, a system that coerces us into ruining the planet and exploiting its people, denying us life and liberty if we refuse to comply, and sometimes withholding them even if we do comply. It is a society where life is a little bleaker, gaudier, uglier, less authentic, and less hopeful with each passing year. It is a system of winners and losers, in which even the winners are less happy than a typical Ladakhi peasant or Amazonian hunter-gatherer. It is a society of pretense, image, and illusion. It is a society where more human energy goes to war than to art. Most tellingly, it is a society where it is normal to hate Monday. The discontent behind the protests comes from the conviction, “We can do better than this!”

Hostile Forces

Summary: On 27 Jan 2009, the Huffington Post ran a story by Sam Stein titled "Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill".[2] The story included around five minutes of an hour long recording between federal bailout funds recipients. The call shows the firms to be involved in lobbying, effectively, with public money. The file released here is the full hour long recording.


  1. Formerly called the Labor Outreach Committee.
  2. Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill

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