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Occupy Portland Wiki is a loose-knit, open group of volunteers who build and maintain Occupy Portland's pages on PortlandWiki, particularly the Occupy Portland Events page.


A meeting is in the works on the Occupy Portland Wiki mailing list to help coordinate tasks and share knowledge. If you have any good locations, please post them here or on the mailing list! Occupy Portland has only scratched the surface of PortlandWiki's potential and we can build the Occupy Portland pages into something vastly more useful and easy to update. PortlandWiki admins want to help with the interface and the structure, so let's get together and talk about what we need.

Time availability

  • Kotra DeNies: weekday evenings after 5:30pm, particularly Thursdays and Fridays, and weekends all day.
  • Dave Myers: Mondays, some Wednesdays and some Thursdays. Mostly evenings, although can set aside specific times during the day if needed.
  • MarkDilley: Pretty wide open. I want this to work, so will go with best time for all.
  • Sylvia: weekday and Sunday afternoons best, would rather not meet at night but will work with everyone.
  • Simon: Fridays are difficult. Monday 5-7 are reserved for AC, pretty much any other days/times work.
  • (add your availability here)

Preliminary agenda for first Occupy Portland Wiki meetup

  • Proposed time: 7:00pm, Wednesday Dec 21, 2011 (basically, WikiWednesday)
  • Proposed place: Lucky Lab Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd
  • Unconfirmed attendees: Kotra, Dave, Mark, Sylvia, Simon

Feel free to edit this!

First half


  • Clarify event creation instructions
  • Visual calendar
  • Occupy Portland front page
  • Pull together OCW committee
  • Occupy Portland Wiki mission statement
  • Other needed improvements to editing process and Occupy Portland pages.

Second half