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The first [[Occupy Portland Wiki meeting]] was a success!
The first [[Occupy Portland Wiki]] meeting was a success!
== Post-meeting notes ==
== Post-meeting notes ==

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The first Occupy Portland Wiki meeting was a success!

Post-meeting notes


Topics discussed:

  • event creation instructions, ease of use
  • revamping events page with calendar and/or more prominently listed/embedded occupyportlandcalendar.org
  • reorganizing/improving Occupy Portland page
  • what form should Occupy Portland Wiki take (committee, workgroup, subcommittee, etc). Consensus seemed to lean towards making ourselves more known to the web team, and the Communications group as a whole. Maybe calling ourselves a workgroup of the Communications Committee.
  • collaborating with occupyportlandcalendar.org (Dan)?
  • making PortlandWiki easier to edit, with visual editor, forms, etc.
  • whether to split Occupy Portland content on PortlandWiki to its own separate wiki
  • anything else?

Tasks to do:

  • Calendar tabs for event page
    • Mark and Simon offered to investigate this
  • Create event form
    • Kotra offered to do this
  • Add/investigate a breadcrumbs extension
    • Dave offered to do this
  • Reorganize Occupy Portland page
    • get rid of news box (redundant with other places)
    • make page into a portal of subportals to keep it trim and simple
  • Occupy Portland event pages need to use Category:Occupy Portland Events, not Category:Occupy Portland
    • Kotra offered to do this
  • anything else?

Pre-meeting planning

Time availability

  • Kotra DeNies: weekday evenings after 5:30pm, particularly Thursdays and Fridays, and weekends all day.
  • Dave Myers: Mondays, some Wednesdays and some Thursdays. Mostly evenings, although can set aside specific times during the day if needed.
  • MarkDilley: Pretty wide open. I want this to work, so will go with best time for all.
  • Sylvia: weekday and Sunday afternoons best, would rather not meet at night but will work with everyone.
  • Simon: Fridays are difficult. Monday 5-7 are reserved for AC, pretty much any other days/times work.
  • (add your availability here)

Preliminary agenda for first Occupy Portland Wiki meetup

  • Proposed time: 7:00pm, Wednesday Dec 21, 2011 (basically, WikiWednesday)
  • Proposed place: Lucky Lab Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd
  • Unconfirmed attendees: Kotra, Dave, Mark, Sylvia, Simon

First half


  • Clarify event creation instructions
  • Visual calendar
  • Occupy Portland front page
  • Pull together Occupy Portland Wiki (OPW) committee
  • OPW mission statement
  • Other needed improvements to editing process and Occupy Portland pages.

Second half