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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Occupy Portland Labor Outreach Committee]]
* [[Occupy Portland Labor Outreach Committee]]
== Further Reading & Research ==
* [http://www.wagingpeace.org/articles/db_article.php?article_id=301 How To Destroy The Occupy Movement And How To Prevent It From Failing]
* [http://viewpointmag.com/2012/01/20/a-constituent-power-greater-than-its-parts-occupy-and-workers-from-the-port-shutdown-to-the-primaries/ A Constituent Power Greater Than its Parts: Occupy and Workers from the Port Shutdown to the Primaries]
* [http://roarmag.org/2012/01/book-review-hessel-morin-the-road-to-hope/ Book review: Hessel & Morin — The Road to Hope]
: (See the sections "What are the problems?" and "What are the solutions?" for useful ideas.)
* [http://roarmag.org/2011/11/the-ninety-five-theses-on-the-ills-of-europe/ The Ninety-Five Theses on the Ills of Europe]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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People's Assembly Flyer.jpg

Organizing Agenda

The ever expanding burdens thrown onto the backs of working people are not only unreasonable, oppressive and unfair, these burdens have grown too big for working people to shoulder. In response, Occupy Portland's Labor Outreach Committee has launched a Peoples’ Assembly Organizing Committee tasked with organizing, planning and facilitating the democratic development of a peoples’ budget centered on democratically addressing the primary economic interests of ordinary working people.

Initial Questions

  1. Why do we need a Peoples’ Assembly?
  2. What would a Peoples’ Assembly look like and do?
  3. Who are we going to approach as partners in building this?
  4. What are our next steps towards putting this proposal together?

Links to Documents

(Short version.)
(Long version -- draft.)
(Shorter, updated list.)
(Fuller list.)

Join The Discussion!

Group Homepage: http://groups.google.com/group/peoples-assembly
Group Email: peoples-assembly -AT- googlegroups -DOT- com

Attend Our Meetups!

Join our discussion list -- http://groups.google.com/group/peoples-assembly

We usually meet every Wednesday evening from 5:30 - 7:00 at the Lucky Lab's SE Hawthorne Boulevard location (915 Southeast Hawthorne). Please connect with us through our mailing list to receive all time/date/location updates.

Grammatical Confusion?

“Peoples’” or “People’s”?

Either way works for this group!

In addition to our group discussion list, a number of our wiki pages use the possessive of peoples, as in indigenous peoples. It's likely, however, that the possessive of people, as in We the People, will appear more often in the discussions we have and in the documents we craft.

See Also

Further Reading & Research

(See the sections "What are the problems?" and "What are the solutions?" for useful ideas.)

External Links

Includes Peoples Assemblies News and Peoples Assemblies Groups.