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WHAT: The Portland Wiki Photo Scavenger Hunt is a one day event for contributors and visitors of, to take snapshots and photographs that can be used as support imagery a page or topic. The goal is to inspire activism and artistic expression by challenging participants to capture personal and/or original photograhpy for the use at PortlandWiki. Due to the size and depth of knowledge that wiki's strive to fill, there is always a need for image and photographic support. has the same challenge, but we have a special talent. PortlandWiki participants live in or near Portland! Anyone with a cellphone can take a photo that can be used, so there are no limits to how many photos and topics we can generate.

WHEN: Saturday June 4th.

* How to Qualify: The general idea is that it takes place on a Saturday, where qualifying photos must be taken between 9am-5pm. Date-stamped.

* Where: A voluntary kick-off will happen in the morning. Tshirts can be handed out, and a chance to look at scavenger hunt prizes.

* Who: Anyone is welcome to participate!, though registration as a contributor is requested, so that their submissions can be tracked.