Photo Contest 2011 Winners

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On July 4th, 2011 a photographic competition was held by

Participants were given a short time, from 9am-to5pm, to capture the personality of Portland.

The event was a resounding success. Inspire photographic artistry in the wiki community,

as well as gift PortlandWiki a valuable photograph resource for ongoing reporting.

Please join us in congratulating the winners!

PhotoContest2011 Most Difficult Shot.png

Best of Show, : Samc

PhotoContest2011 Most Difficult Shot.png

Bike Sculpture by Mark Dilley

PhotoContest2011 Most Difficult Shot.png

Mt. hood from Rocky Butte by Kotra

And a big thanks to everyone who took the day to explore Portland, and capture some of it for!

From the Photo Contest 2011 Grand Marshal