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This page is a brainstorming page for a possible upcoming "barnstorming" event in early 2011. The purpose of this event is to draw upon our existing group of wiki enthusiasts to become or return as contributors to PortlandWiki. A possible second purpose is aimed at improving PortlandWiki for presentation to the Meier Memorial Trust for hosting Wiki Wednesday meetings in the future.

considerations for venue

  • AboutUs
    • may encourage participation from original crew
    • may be difficult to ensure accessibility due to doors locking at 5:30?y
    • would need approval from Ray King
  • Backspace
  • Meier Memorial Trust?

what to do during initial barnraising meeting

  • have fun
  • have drinks/snacks
  • give brief overview of PortlandWiki and/or its history and/or how it is different now than after launch in Sep 2009
  • identify what needs to be done
  • secure activity commitments from attendees
  • if time, have collaborative editing session

ways to prolong and promote activity after initial commitment

  • nagging
  • frequent follow-up meetings of an appealing nature
  • rewards (mentioned below)

(good) reasons to edit

  • enjoyment of discussion and debate
  • the fun of creation/improvement
  • tangible rewards
    • peer-given badges, awards, barnstars
    • reward board (monetary, tit-for-tat, badges)
  • civic/altruistic/educational (the satisfaction of creating something useful)
  • egoistic
    • knowing your works are viewed by others, perhaps a large community
    • respect of one's peers
  • getting one's name out, furthering one's career
  • personal education (researching and formulating one's ideas in words)