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* [http://pdx.wiki.org/Main_Page Wiki Wednesday]
* [http://pdx.wiki.org/Main_Page Wiki Wednesday]
* [http://www.lunarpedia.org Lunarpedia]
* [http://www.lunarpedia.org Lunarpedia]
==Collaboration Tools ==
[http://etherpad.com/yK29PRBl8C etherpad shared workspace]

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We're building a wiki for Portland, and we'd like you to help!

  • Feel free to add some article ideas or just start writing articles!
  • Are you a policy nerd? Portland wiki policies is a place to develop a baseline of policies, guiding principles, etc. for the wiki.

Some links, Portland content

Interviews and culture

Other civic wikis

Many other cities have established general wikis, with varying levels of success. There is a long list at WikiIndex. DavisWiki, Santa Cruz Wiki, ArborWiki, RichmondWiki and Bloomingpedia are a few of the longer-standing and more successful ones. (also see AboutUs:List:Civic Wiki)

Other Portland wikis

  • Cunningham & Cunningham - Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki, is a Portland native and hosts all sorts of wiki stuff on his site, including the Portland Pattern Repository. This was the first wiki in the whole wiki world!
  • FreekiWiki, the bustling wiki of local community technology center Free Geek
  • AboutUs - a wiki-based directory of web sites. Company is headquartered in Portland, and is closely connected with the local wiki community.
  • Shift to bikes wiki - a wiki about the fun of bicycling in Portland. Minimal, but a great foundation!
  • Coworking Portland
  • Personal Telco - a Portland-based non-profit building a public computer network.
  • Wiki Wednesday
  • Lunarpedia

Collaboration Tools

etherpad shared workspace