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PortlandWiki is a wiki, which in its simplest terms is a collaboratively editable website. For PortlandWiki, this means that, for the most part, anyone can edit anything on PortlandWiki. Anyone can correct a typo, anyone can improve wording, anyone can update out-of-date information, and anyone can relocate or change what they feel does not belong.

To assist in this open, collaboratively editable environment, it becomes necessary that all content added to the wiki (with some exceptions) is freely licensed, so that others may easily copy, modify, and improve. Therefore, whenever you make an edit, you automatically agree to release that edit under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. In a few words, this license allows anyone to copy, modify, and adapt your content, as long as they give you credit (in PortlandWiki, you are automatically given credit via the page's "History" page) and release their own modifications and adaptations under a similar license.

Non-free content

Occasionally, you may see some text inside a box that looks like this:

Copyright watermark.png
Flurpy Q. Jones, the copyright holder of the following text, has permitted its limited use in PortlandWiki without alteration (learn more). Please do not modify it.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed tincidunt purus blandit tellus porta in molestie arcu rhoncus. Donec ac sapien sem, vel dapibus neque. Suspendisse dolor est, congue quis interdum sit amet, adipiscing eu tellus. Aenean luctus, erat vel mollis consequat, neque tortor vulputate leo, sed convallis eros libero sit amet enim. Nullam at mauris mi. Mauris mauris diam, posuere id ultrices non, eleifend ut dui. Etiam eleifend auctor nisl, id interdum dui blandit sed. Etiam et enim quis nunc tempus fermentum. Proin auctor nunc ipsum. Morbi dignissim placerat dolor fringilla gravida. Praesent suscipit semper diam, ut hendrerit nunc pellentesque eget. Donec neque est, blandit ac facilisis vitae, iaculis sit amet orci. Mauris quis elit nulla.

This is an exception to the rule. Occasionally a copyright holder (for example a professional writer, company, or institution) is generous enough to allow their content reproduced in PortlandWiki (where it is available for all to read for free), but doesn't want it to be changed. These wishes are respected, and such content is exempt from the default CC BY-SA 3.0 license. If you see this box on a page, do not edit its contents except to correct any mistakes in the transcription. If you see that someone else didn't understand and edited the contents, please change it back if you can, and explain why to the well-meaning editor. If you would like to use this box for content that a copyright holder has given you permission to use in PortlandWiki (but does not want it to be altered), see Template:Copyrighted content.

Exceptions like this should be used sparingly, as it they are against the collaborative spirit of wiki. Some legitimate uses of non-free content include:

  • extended quotes of several sentences or more
  • mission statements