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(re-added info about the meetings at The Mezz, as they are still going on)
(Latest Breaking News: No meetup at OP today)
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== Latest Breaking News ==
== Latest Breaking News ==
PortlandWiki admins, contributors, sympathizers and other fellow travelers meet at [[The Mezz]] AND [[Occupy Portland]]'s [[Lownsdale Square]] encampment!
* 2011-11-07 (Monday): No meetup at Occupy Portland today, workshop facilitator [[User:WikiMaster|Dave Myers]] is unable to attend.
== [[PortlandWiki:Monday Meets|Monday Meets]] ==
== [[PortlandWiki:Monday Meets|Monday Meets]] ==

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OMG!! PortlandWiki's "Weekly Wiki Workouts" are always lotsa fun!!!

PortlandWiki's weekly "edit parties" are free, open to everyone, and casual. They're a great chance to meet the diverse group of people who edit PortlandWiki and experience the fun of collaborating in person on a wiki. There are always friendly wiki experts willing to lend a hand and answer questions. Participation is casual, you can pick a topic to write about if you want, or you can just chat with some wiki geeks over some food and drinks.

Latest Breaking News

  • 2011-11-07 (Monday): No meetup at Occupy Portland today, workshop facilitator Dave Myers is unable to attend.

Monday Meets


See the WikiWednesday page for details.

Can't find the right tent?

Ask the folks in the camp Library. The Occupy Portland Library is located in the Lownsdale Square encampment.

Can't Make the Meetings?

If the days or times don't work out for you but you're curious about meeting work and discussions, check out Meetup Notes.

Expanding Meetup Options

If PortlandWiki's current meetup days don't work for your schedule, consider starting your own PortlandWiki meetup on a different day or time. Feel free to post your PortlandWiki meetup schedule here or start a new page!

Since PortlandWiki's inception a small group of PortlandWiki administrators and other interested people have gathered each Monday in a meetup we've called our "Monday Meets." As PortlandWiki continues to expand and bring in new contributors, it's become apparent that also expanding meetup options is an increasingly good idea. We've also recognized that adding additional venues is also necessary.

Name ideas for alternate meetups.

Uncle FrankenWiki

Below are some meetup names put here for your consideration, rejection and suggested alternatives. Obviously some of these are not serious. Some of us get a little carried away.

  • Monday Meets (This is an already established weekly meetup name, but you can suggest alternatives if you like.)
  • Saturday Sessions
  • Saturday Meetups

Meetup Venues & Aspiring Meetup Venues

Ideal Criteria

  • free wifi
  • quiet enough to hold conversations
  • ability to find a table or two (not too crowded)
  • food options or ability to bring in food
  • no blaring tv
  • close in
  • minors able to get in
  • wheelchair accessible
  • parking available

See also