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The Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) of Oregon, which is headquartered in Portland, was created in 1978.[1] Anyone in Oregon found to be "guilty except for insanity" of a crime would fall under jurisdiction of the board.

The Oregon Legislature created a panel of the PSRB in 2005 to have jurisdiction over youths found “responsible except for insanity” of a crime.[2] Statutory language was also modified to create a plea of "responsible except for insanity" for juveniles in Oregon.

The PSRB has the power to mete out the maximum sentence provided by the state statute of the crime.

Members have "authority to commit a person to a state hospital designated by the Department of Human Services or, in the case of a youth, to a secure adolescent inpatient rehabilitation program; conditionally release a person from a state hospital or secure facility to a community-based program with close supervision; discharge a person from its jurisdiction; and, when appropriate, revoke the conditional release of a person under its jurisdiction and order the person’s return to a state hospital or secure adolescent inpatient rehabilitation program."[3]

The board consists of 10 members. The members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate to 4-year terms.

Since 2009, the PSRB has provided information to the Oregon State Police regarding persons who are, or have been, under PSRB’s jurisdiction in order to keep updated the national database for those prohibited from possessing a firearm.


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