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  • ...f the rise and fall of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), complete with archival footage, loads of interviews, Wobbly art and songs.<br />This 1979 ...ber.] (Must log into Facebook to view...)</ref> Dirty Wings also "stand(s) with Wisconsin workers!"</small><ref>[ Scott Walker M
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  • * Discussed progress (or lack thereof) with [[telecafe:User:Dave/Web Hack Notes (Non-Wiki)#DigitalOcean|migrating Portl ...[User:Ray|Ray]] suggested we have more frequent meetups (possibly starting with weekly meetings) that would center on increasing contributions to all kinds
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  • Links and notes (potentially) related to main article. Figure out where to insert ...people who live there (as opposed to, for instance, a transnational entity with no interest in the community beyond the "value" it is motivated to extract)
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