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posted 3937 days ago

Thanks for the update re: periods in links! Glad to see everything back in working order!

posted 3937 days ago

Sorry Khris, in all the recent confusion I forgot to let you know that periods in page titles are working again.

posted 3947 days ago

Thanks Khris for letting me know. I think I have an idea of what might be the problem (periods in titles causing the server to redirect improperly). I'm looking into it.

posted 3948 days ago

Hi Kotra, I'm not sure if you're the person that can do anything about this or not, but the "A. E. Doyle" page is somehow busted. It just throws up a 404 error.

posted 4038 days ago

Hi Khris! I'm sending this out to a lot of people so what follows is a form letter (hope you don't mind!):

Hi all, at last week's WikiWednesday meeting, one thing we discussed for PortlandWiki was that we don't all know what is the best direction for growing and improving the resource that is PortlandWiki. So we decided a good way to get things going would be to take a survey of people who have worked on PortlandWiki in the past. Spearheaded by Julie Spellman (http://portlandwiki.org/User:Julie), this 12-question survey is now ready, check it out!


Your answers will really help us all learn what people want to see with PortlandWiki, and how we can all improve our ability to work together on a project with such potential!

Everyone's answers will be anonymous and posted on PortlandWiki for all to peruse.

Thanks a bunch!