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The Portland Alliance is a free monthly newspaper in Portland, Oregon. The newspaper is the primary project of a non-profit organization, the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education (NAAME). The newspaper has no paid staff and is developed and distributed by volunteers.

Describing itself as "Portland's oldest alternative progressive newspaper," the newspaper typically explores the topics of environmentalism, trade unions, social justice, and other topics "missed by the mainstream press".[1]

In 2000, investigative journalism by the newspaper uncovered a series of tapes in which the Portland Chief of Police at the time,Mark Kroeker, made anti-gay statements ten years before.[2][3] This was the first in a series of public embarrassments for Kroeker, who was eventually forced to resign as Portland Police Chief in 2003.[3]


The Portland Alliance was nominated for an Utne Independent Press Award in 2003[4][5] and ran an award-winning series on health care and homelessness in the 1990s.[1]Template:Fact

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