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Custom 1We believe in the American dream of opportunity for all. We believe in it because we live it daily. North American Bancard got started on day one the way many entrepreneurial companies do - with just one employee and no revenue coming in. Now, we have over 600 employees and process over $15 billion annually.

We have achieved this success following the simple-focused mission of helping businesses prosper. Today, over 250,000 satisfied merchants and 3,000 Independent Sales Agents can attest to our commitment to that mission. By providing the best free equipment, industry-leading service and support, and the $500 guaranteed lowest processing rates, we help our merchants grow because they have more cash to spend on their business-building needs. Our Independent Sales Agents benefit just as much. With unrivaled support, flexible compensation, and innovative, one-of-a-kind sales and management tools, our Independent Sales Agents have more money and time to spend on their own business-building needs as well. By providing every type of payment processing solution, we ensure our Independent Sales Agents have the ability to offer customized solutions to help drive their and their merchants’ success!

At North American Bancard, we are proud of the commitment we make to our merchants’ and Independent Sales Agents’ success. We are proud of our two decade commitment to helping businesses prosper.

Custom 2Free Equipment

The best FREE TERMINAL program in the industry.

$3000 Signing Bonus We'll pay you $3000 once you have 30 merchants in your portfolio.

Revenue Share Partnership Program You receive 100% of commissions and 50-65% of residuals. You will share income on every available revenue stream. With NAB, You Get a True Interchange Revenue Split. Unlike other programs we do NOT charge 3 to 6 basis points off the top with a "Reserve Fee for Hidden Losses" or "BIN Sponsorship Fee." So you will earn more income with our 50/50 partnership, than you would with other processors who claim to offer a higher percentage because our transaction rates start at 0.0 basis points and just 1.5 cents per transaction over interchange and assessments!

Conversion Bonus Paid Daily You'll receive 1.5% of your merchant's actual monthly processing volume on conversion deals. For example: If your merchant’s actual processing volume is $50,000 per month - your bonus is $750! However, if your retail merchant's actual monthly processing is at least $10,000 - your bonus will be a minimum of $300. Plus you will receive your monthly residuals each and every month!!!

Activation Bonus Paid Daily Receive a $200.00 bonus for each activated retail merchant AND $200.00 bonus for each activated card not present merchant even if you give away free equipment and have NAB pay their early termination fee! You will receive either the conversion bonus or activation bonus whichever is greater. Activation / Approval bonus for free wireless terminals is $100 per account; however, the full 1.5% conversion bonus still applies if greater than the $100.

Prompt Payment of All Residuals With North American Bancard, you'll always receive quick, prompt payment of all commissions and residuals. NOW, EVERYDAY IS PAYDAY! WHY WAIT WEEKS TO GET YOUR CASH? GET PAID DAILY WITH NORTH AMERICAN BANCARD!

Reimburse Early Termination Fee If your prospective merchant is locked into a contract with a competitive processor, we will reimburse 100% of their early termination fee up to $295.

Lead Wizard Leads Wizard provides you access to obtain customized lists of businesses and contact information based on your own criteria selections from millions of new and existing business records.

Merchant Tracking System NAB is so committed to keeping our resellers informed that every time a merchant calls NAB, Agents receive an auto responder via e-mail with ticket # describing the merchant’s concern and how it was resolved. This customer care software has proved invaluable in retaining customers.

Complete Medical Benefits Plan The first program of its kind in the industry, because we don't just care about profits we care about your well being. You pick the plan that works for you. We reimburse 50 percent.

Free Website with "Click Here I Agree" Online Application Get you own mirrored customizable website hosted for free. Our new online merchant application is completely customizable, easy to use and COMPLETELY online. No signatures, no mailing, no faxing applications!

Online Agent Information Center Your resource for real-time merchant status, residual reports, lease approval information, download instructions, marketing tools, equipment information, and more...

Total Sales Support You'll have access to your own mirrored website, plus a full range of professionally produced marketing materials, lead generation support and professional training.

Monthly Sales Bonuses NAB regularly launches sales contests with cash prizes ranging from $500 to $1000!

Excellent Customer Service NAB provides great customer service, training and technical support. So you can focus on new business while we take great care of your current customer.

Contact us at 888-808-5056 for NAB Agent/ISO information

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