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This page is dedicated to WikiMaster's list of SocialProfile-related[1] stuff.

Social Profile Extensions

SocialProfile provides a profile page to each of the wiki's account holders. It displays friendships with other users, basic profile information, and any public messages received.
Semantic Social Profile is an extension that represents social information of SocialProfile extension as semantic annotations that are stored on a user’s userpage. Thus, the extension automatically adjusts user profile data for querying with Semantic MediaWiki tools and other tools that work with semantic data on Mediawiki. Moreover, the social data is associated with well-known Semantic Web vocabularies (foaf, bio, cv) that allows you to use wiki as a foaf-editor.[2]
Semantic Social Profile relies heavily on the following extensions:
- Semantic MediaWiki
- SocialProfile
- Semantic Forms
- Parser function extensions | Extension:ParserFunctions
Semantic Social Profile extension for MediaWiki integrates users' social profiles with the Semantic Web
Abstract. Semantic MediaWiki proved its effectiveness as a platform for creating semantically connected hypertexts. Unfortunately, in most wiki engines, information about contributors (wiki authors) remains in shadow for human observers and is not available for program agents. Semantic Social Profile proof of concept introduces a flexible way of integration (sic) the social features of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki annotations. In the paper we describe the extension development process and some of the use cases that will become possible with it.

Semantic Social Profile: Issues

Baby, show your stuff!

The image to the right shows a PortlandWiki user account that had some of the data associated with it publicly unveiled after installing an early version of Extension:Semantic Social Profile.

The Kotra's sock user account (shown) is one of the sock puppet accounts used by a prominent PortlandWiki sysop.

Like many of the other user pages that had data exposed after SSP was installed, the user page for Kotra's sock was created for the first time upon SSP's installation.

The thumbnail shown on the right side of the user account image is the SocialProfile avatar for PortlandWiki's user one account. But this is this avatar image the link shown under "Facts about Kotra's sock" for the SSP avatar resolves to. (Before taking the screen grab, however, we changed the email address to protect the puppet.)

Other Social Media Resources

FBConnect logo.png
With this extension installed, users can log in with their Facebook accounts and access other features enabled by this extension.
The idea for this extension is to "reward people contributing to an online community. In an online community social rewarding is in the majority of cases based on accentuation of the most active members."

Current Social Profile "Level Up" Hierarchy for PortlandWiki Contributors

ProtoBot 0
BabyBot 1200
ToddleBot 1750
Little Nerd 2500
Nerd 5000
Big Nerd 10000
Approaching Geekishness 20000
Geekly 35000
Minor Geek 50000
Major Geek 75000
Geekified 100000
ProtoDork 150000
DorkBits 250000
Dork 350000
Major Dork 500000
Dorktator 650000
Emperor of Dorkdom 800000
MasterBot 1000000


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