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main page

nice. Michael :) Michael (talk) ^^

Image transclusion

$wgAllowExternalImagesFrom = '';


Thanks, Mark, it's on there now! Khris.soden (talk) 12:25, 27 July 2010 (PDT)

Formatting multiple items

I think this will do it, not 100% sure though. -kotra (talk) 19:46, 20 September 2010 (PDT)

Old news organizing

Thanks Mark! You can't believe how long I've been procrastinating on doing that task. :-)

- WikiMaster (talk) 19:50, 7 January 2011 (PST)

need support for PDX11 finance wiki

Hi Mark,

I volunteered to help create a wiki for the PDX11-Finance Network group for community support of Software business development. (BTW- Ted Earnest will be tapped by city | PDC for some stuff on their side around community economic development, per Skip Newberry.)

Anyway, tonight at wiki Wednesday, I have about a half hour I can be there. I want to create a list of desired attributes in a wiki I can send to the group for them to describe their desires of use and content. My intention is that from their response, I can find some wiki types that fit, and begin making the wiki.

Also, I am sure as a new wiki administrator, there are a few tips and tricks that I should know about stepping into the role that might be available.

I don't have much time to time ruminate and explore. I need to bring something close to finished to the table in a month or three weeks, so am hoping for a fast shot from someone who that knows business-world community for wiki constraints.

If you will be at Ace, I will be there, but can't stay long. Which will be a blessing because we would cover ground fast ;-)

Calendar Extension For News

Hey Mark! Saw that you're experimenting around with the calendar extension. Your idea of looking at using it for the news blurbs, as well as events, is a good one. I haven't had the chance to look at different configuration options too carefully. What would be nice is if we could:

config titles (so that the ugly-looking Mycalendar 2011 3 19 changes to something like Saturday | March 19, 2011 or anything else that's more useful than the default)
set up blurb feeds on the front page, as well as sending the full story to an appropriate page destination, maybe with a URL structure something like:
Template:News/Archive/February 2011/Monday | February 28, 2011

What do you think? -Dave Myers

In theory that sounds great. I see easiest being just adding a header for day and date in weird format - PortlandWiki Calendar 2011 3 19 - look forward to pairing on this with you. Best, MarkDilley


Hey Mark:
You might consider registering and if you can swing it (both of which were available when I checked earlier this morning). I would, but am too broke right now. They might come in handy as organizing tools in upcoming days, weeks or months.
-Dave Myers

Reply to your comment about red links being good forum.

Call it good or bad. Consider it a personal beef against not following through.

So you're the culprit! ;)

Front page

Hi Mark, I saw the tweet about fixing the "Front page layout disaster":!/PortlandWiki/status/57128802895151105

Was that you? I would be glad to assist but what did you have in mind? It does look kind of chaotic and cluttered but what do you think would be ideal? Anyway thanks for trying to get the front page looking better, it's long overdue. -kotra (talk) 20:53, 10 April 2011 (UTC)

Dave's an idiot: Sorry guys, when I sent out that tweet, I was joking about some of the changes to the front page I made. Meant to follow through with another tweet making that clearer. Forgot. Sorry! :-/ - Dave Myers 02:11, 12 April 2011 (UTC)


You dang butt! I hate you so much!!! >;(

-kotra (talk) 17:46, 21 May 2011 (PDT)

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Hi Mark :) I wanted to let you know that I have been unable to keep up with the OP events page (obviously...). I will return home toward the end of June and at that time I will resume contributing to the Wiki. Thanks, Tiffany

TiffOccupy (talk)13:21, 31 March 2012

Hi Tiff,

Mark and his wife Sylvia are moving back to Michigan. I think they're still on the road. Please allow me to give you a quick response for now.

All the hard work you've put into the events calendar is very much appreciated. But it's a lot of work, and sometimes real life gets in the way. When you're able to start working on the events page again, would it be easier if we found a way to make it easier and less time consuming?

Just a thought...

WikiMaster (talk)21:15, 31 March 2012

Second Attempt

Sorry, Mark ~

I did not monitor this site for traffic and only just now saw your kind offer of assistance. Thank you for your help; what you fixed was my very first attempt at wikidom.

Today I try again. If you notice I am making the same mistakes over and over, could you point them out? I looked at our history and did not learn much.

Here I go!

Dave H.

HardHonesty (talk)12:45, 29 December 2011

No worries Dave! :-)

Wiki is a pretty laid back place, especially this one :-) - we are focused on building a resource that is valuable and transparent. Don't worry about anything here - just go ahead and contribute and if there is something off, it will get changed :-) - Glad you are here and look forward to meeting you sometime. Best,

MarkDilley13:14, 29 December 2011

I see now the embedded links to stubs and will try to incorporate. I am re-purposing the original post: perhaps you will make sure it gets put into the proper location to be effective as a calendar item.

Still typing!

HardHonesty (talk)13:25, 29 December 2011



Do you know the person associated with this IP? It was associated with vandalizing this event page, and that's why I blocked it.

WikiMaster (talk)19:24, 18 December 2011

I don't Dave - and I am less apt to call blanking a page vandalism - it could possibly be someone trying to do something we aren't understanding. Me thinks. Best,

MarkDilley22:18, 18 December 2011

Beautiful job!! :)

TiffOccupy (talk)11:26, 20 November 2011

Hey Mark!

Camior (talk)17:57, 17 December 2011

Request to Change Upload from 10mb to 11mb

Up to Eleven!!!

Hey Mark!

Kotra says you received a request that we change the allowed file upload size from 10mb to 11mb because they're having trouble uploading an 11mb file.

In wiki circles, that's known as the Spinal Tap maneuver.[1]

Kotra will see what he can do.

WikiMaster (talk)08:22, 31 October 2011

I don't think it is necessary anymore - nice pattern - Spinal Tap maneuver!

MarkDilley10:29, 31 October 2011