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Unfortunately, my attempts to install both Extension:Bad Behavior and Extension:AbuseFilter have not worked. You can find summaries of these micro-tragedies here:

WikiMaster (talk)11:13, 21 July 2012

thanks. Yeah, I knew about your issues with AbuseFilter (that's what I meant about "throwing error messages". I don't think we should spend any more time trying to get it to work unless one of us has a breakthrough.

Thanks for your attempt at installing Bad Behavior. I'll give it a try too if I have some time tonight. Thanks for all your help on this project. I didn't expect you'd be doing any of this legwork, but I appreciate it!

kotra (talk)17:22, 24 July 2012

sorry, I'm too tired to attempt it tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.

kotra (talk)23:25, 24 July 2012

Or we can wait 'till Thursday...

WikiMaster (talk)06:17, 25 July 2012