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* [ blog about car-sharing] by [[Dave Brook]], the founder of [[Car Sharing Portland]]
* [ blog about car-sharing] by [[Dave Brook]], the founder of [[Car Sharing Portland]]
* [ Portland Afoot entry]
* [ Portland Afoot page on car-sharing]

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Car-sharing is the notion that low-car households can save money by owning fewer cars and instead renting autos by the hour or the mile. It was pioneered in 1998 by Car Sharing Portland, the first commercial car-sharing service in the United States.

The City of Portland was also the country's first local government to offer free on-street public parking spaces to car-sharing companies. This has since become a key subsidy supporting the commercial car-sharing business.

Car-sharing differs from car rental because it is designed and priced for relatively short errands and routine trips rather than long excursions. Car-sharing companies typically place cars directly in the community rather than at business locations. This makes it convenient for more people to use the cars on a day-to-day basis.

Car-sharing in Portland

See the following pages for links to car locations, pricing and information about ongoing local promotions.

  • Zipcar, the successor to Car Sharing Portland, operates most of the shared cars in the Portland area.
  • UCarShare, offered by U-Haul, has several locations around town. Because the service charges a low hourly rate plus a per-mile rate, it is best for people making very short trips.

Future of car-sharing

Some companies, including Boston-based Relay Rides, are developing programs that would help people make money by sharing their cars with other people.

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