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Sisters of the Road Café

Broke? Can't pick nothin' but lint outta your pockets? Did payin' for rent, utilities, food and other such foolishness deprive you of your last cryin' dime?

No problem! That's 'cause here in Portland you can poor-mouth your way into literally washing your dishes for your meal. Where? Sisters of the Road Café, that's where!

A quick peek at the Sisters' web site reveals that "(m)eals at Sisters Of The Road cost $1.25 and can be paid for in many ways, including: cash, barter work and food stamps." And if that ain't gravy enough for ya, meals are also "served with hospitality and a smile."

So just 'cause you're broke doesn't mean you have to sit starvin' in your hopeless li'l corner all by your lonesome. Ramble on down to Sisters' for some good company, good cheer and good food.