Fur Free Friday - 25 November 2011

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Fur Free Friday



March starts 11:00 AM (Come 30 minutes early!) Meet up at Downtown Nordstrom (Corner of SW Broadway and Yamhill)

  • Signs, literature, and banners provided – just bring yourself and all of your friends!

We have the potential to fill the streets and demand that Portland becomes fur free.

  • Note: Please wear all black to this event. It is somber day of mourning for all of the wildlife lost to the fur industry. We need a presence of distress, anger and solidarity.
Fur-Free Friday is one of the few nationally recognized days in the animal rights movement and involves numerous animal activist groups.

There are a total of 45 million animals yearly that the fur industry believes can be turned into products. They are fetishized, abstracted from their subjective, wild existence and turned into objects of value on the globalized fashion market. 45 million animals that are the victims of a war against the wilderness. If they are not killed by the traps, laid out among their land and community, then they are driven into the confines of massive concentration camps. They become the prisoners of the war, held for their labor (females, forcibly bred for production) or themselves becoming objectified as commodities.

All of this madness, destruction, and injustice are the externalities of an industry that exists only for the benefit the 1%. Fur products cost tens of thousands of dollars and amount to nothing more than status symbols for the privileged elite, all at the expense of animals, human communities and the environment. The fur industry is a symptom of global problem of imbalanced power and wealth. It is a manifestation of the ecological and capitalist crisis. It must be opposed.

Fur sales were just banned in West Hollywood. Portland should be no different! This is our city! Our city will not be littered with the carcasses of wildlife! They will not be marketed as fashion or accessories any longer! It is time that Portland becomes overrun with activists demanding that the fur industry dissolve into nothingness!

Join us on the streets!

Organizations such as Portland Animal Defense League and In Defense of Animals, along with many other local supporters in a protest march against the use of fur.


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