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Goose Hollow is a neighborhood in Southwest Portland, between downtown and the West Hills.

It is bounded on the north by Burnside, on the east by Interstate 405, roughly on the south by Highway 26, and roughly on the west by Washington Park.


The first house built the Goose Hollow area was in 1845 by Daniel Lownsdale. He owned and operated a tannery at the current site of Providence Park. It is believed by historians that this was the first tannery west of the Rockies and north of Mexico.[1]

Origins of the Name

The name stems from when early residents raised geese in the low-lands and gulch (or hollow) of Tanner Creek at the foot of the West Hills. The area was a commons and a dispute erupted over whose geese belonged to who. The Oregonian ran an article covering the dispute and referred to the area as "Goose Hollow". [2] The name was lost during the 20th Century until it was later revived. The return of the name Goose Hollow is credited to former Portland major John Elwood Clark (Bud Clark) when he decided to use the name Goose Hollow Inn for his tavern.

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